bike rentals in Tiruvannamalai offers the first wings to opportunity for ladies in Tiruvannamalai. After Goa, Tiruvannamalai is the biggest bike rental place in india. The main 5 women bikes that ladies rent the most in Tiruvannamalai incorporate names like Hero, Hercules, Avon, La Sovereign and Atlas. There are different names too that are well known however none are as popular and haven’t caught the piece of the pie so much.


Legend was set up in Amritsar in 1944 where they began selling save portions of bikes. After India’s parcel, the base moved to Ludhiana where it proceeds till today. From save parts to different organizations, it has extended well and like fares and auto segments. During the 1970s it developed as the world’s biggest bike makers and delivered items with joint effort with Japan based Honda to produce bikes. This was a fruitful endeavor as the organization entered the archives of Guinness Book of Records for being the biggest vender of bikes. These best 5 women bikes brands spread the whole Indian market. The most well known brand in Hero is Jasper 26T and Neon DX Lady26T. Legend cycles have consistently been on the way of development to give a superior biking experience to the Indian customers.


BSA cycles’ is a famous brand among the women portion and involves a pleased spot in the best 5 women bikes run. Begun in 1949, it has endeavored to turn into the brand of decision and wellness just as diversion for Indians. The Murugappa bunch in association with Tube Investments {TI} has gotten a specialist in portability arrangements from simply being a minor provider of bikes and extra parts. It is notable for its lead brands, for example, BSA, Hercules and Montra. Actually, till date the most well known brand has been the ladybird with its infectious promotions on the Tube.


Another brand name that possesses pride of spot in the main 5 women bikes class is Avon. Top quality wedded to moderate rates is the USP of Avon, in this manner, making it a famous name. They produce bikes, cycles, stay in shape exercycles. A portion of their mainstream brands incorporate Molten, Monty, Galaxy, Alton, Kross, Grand and Paragon. Comes in alluring hues and a scope of styles, it is a well known brand for ladies.

La Sovereign

Another mainstream name in this class is La Sovereign. They are very good quality extravagance bicycles and spell extravagance for the mountains. Durable, solid and vivid, these bikes are mainstream with the bold on a basic level. It is a joint endeavor among India and Thailand based organizations to advertise bikes and very good quality toys. It has a broad vendor arrange and is very mainstream with children, youth and ladies.

Map book

Perhaps the most seasoned maker of bikes in the nation, Atlas appreciates massive pride of spot. It is a name for realizing cycling unrest in India. Begun in Sonepat in 1951, it climbed the steps of accomplishment energetically. Janki Das Kapur began it in from an unassuming tin shed in Sonepat and gradually turned into a name equal with quality, assortment at sensible rates. A more prominent interest, higher creation and growing markets have made Atlas a name to deal with. From that point forward, Atlas has gone spots with its image of bikes and made itself a spot in the top women bikes run. They have practical experience in extravagant, women bicycles and roadsters, howdy tech bicycles and roadsters.

These are the top bike rentals used by female tourists in Tiruvannamalai